City news                                                        
An official website to be proud of. Huge amount of free content, including interviews
and behind-the-scenes video clips.
AlsoOfficial Facebook Page,  MCFC Twitter pageMCFC Supporters Club,
Manchester City Ladies & Manchester City Disabled Supporters Association.

Lists all the day's City-related newspaper reports and blog posts. Just Man City Blogs,
which only lists fan-generated blog posts, is also worth a visit.
Excellent unofficial site with news, match reports and features.

                                          My favourite fan sites                                         

Bluemoon podcast
Includes interviews with former players, features and analysis.
Well worth a look.

Blues Muse
Nicely-written site that serves up 'midlife meanderings' about life and about City.

Down the Kippax Steps
Excellent site with beautifully-written articles about City from the 1960s onwards.
Its author Simon Curtis also runs Monument City, another site about City that's 
more nostalgia and music based. 

King of the Kippax
Home of the only surviving City fanzine.

Bi-weekly newsletter that began in 1994, long before computers were invented..

Without a Dream in our Hearts
Thoughtful writing from Indonesia-based Mark Wilson. His other (non City) blogs are
also worth a read.

                                          Current Statistics                                                    

ESPN's Soccernet Stats
The most comprehensive player stats on the web. Allows you to see a player's stats
for every game he played since 2001-02, including games played for previous clubs.
ESPN's Club Stats also date back to the 2001-02 season and list the time of goals
scored and conceded, sequences and monthly form guides, while its Premier League page
                                      has tables for top scorers, assists, player discipline, fair play and attendances.

Brilliant site with a staggering amount of detail. Lists transfer fees, player and squad values,
contract lengths and names of players' agents. Its referee analysis breaks down the combined
results and cards awarded for each referee, the goalkeepers section lists the minutes-per-goal
for each City keeper. The site even has details of all thepenalties taken since 1992-93.

Daily Telegraph's Premier League stats
Shows each player's season-total stats for passing, tackling and attempts on goal
(including % success). More stats, including chances created and fouls won and conceded here.

Lots of stats here, including a  breakdown of the types of passes and shots made in
each game as well as territorial analysis.

                                            Historical statistics                                         
Huge amount  historical stats. List's City records and even allows you to view the 
league table for any week from 1892 to the present.

                                      City's honours
                                      Squad numbers (1993-94 to present)
                                      All time First Division / Premier League table
                                      All time English trophy winners

                                            Other City history sites                                        

City Til I Die
A true labour of love by by City fan Trevor Boswell. Includes squad photos and
reviews for every season since 1950-51.

Historical football kits
List all the home kits since 1884 and the club badges through the ages.

My first City game
Memories from more than 1,600 fans of their first City game.

Great collection of stories about City memorabilia.

Where are they now?
Contains details of more than 200 former City players.

Bluemoon history section
Many people have been responsible for collecting historical data about City over several
decades. Their work can now be found on Bluemoon's impressive history section. The
Matches section lists every result, line-up and attendance from 1892-93 onwards.

Other sections
Season by season
By opponent
By competition
Player profiles and stats
Profiles of managers


The biggest City talkboard by far. Plenty of interesting threads each day and always
something to make you laugh. Best avoided after a disappointing result though, when
it transforms into 'Bluemoan'.

Fun place that occasionally breaks out into civil war (kinda like a cross between
Denmark and Rwanda). Mellowed a bit following the Sheikh's spending spree, and
now has more of a Charles Manson-on-Prozac feel to it.

Lively forum. Site also includes video and photo albums and a games room.
(Registration required)

A long-running site that's a bit different to the other forums. It's basically one long
debate about TV, politics and music - interspersed with City chat. And lots of stuff
about biscuits.

Friendly forum, created in 2005.

Wookies Lair
Long-running site - and probably the one with the highest proportion of broadsheet readers. (Registration required)

MCFC Forum
Friendly forum. (Registration required)

Planet MCFC
Established in 2009, this appears to be a place populated by former members of

Blue Heaven
Another friendly forum with a good community feel.
(Registration required)

City Forum

                                          Photo collections                                                           

Official photo stream with 4,926 images.

Great selection of photos from the official facebook site.

Richard Tucker
Photos from all the games since 1999, plus a great selection of historic City photos

Searchable online archive with a great selection of historic City pics.

Manchester Archive on Flickr
Huge collection of historic Manchester photos that inclues a set of 28 City pictures.

Getty Images
Collection of more than 2,000 historic City photos.

Mirror Pix
Type "Manchester City Football" into the search box to access a collection of
621 historic City photos.

Gary James Facebook
Great collection of historic images.

                                           Video archives                                                           

Huge archive of City videos.

British Pathe
Has a great collection of historic City film clips

Another useful place for historic City clips.

                                            Player sites                                                        

Kun Aguero
News, photos and videos of the player. The site also includes free wallpapers and
the chance to win Sergio's match shirts. 

Mario Ballotelli
Videos, press cuttings and a typically quirky collection of winking-Mario animated

Edin Dzeko
Two-year-old news and a collection of Wolfsberg photos. A great site for fans of old
news and German football photos.

Samir Nasri
In French. Eccentric place that contains a playlist of Samir's favourite songs and 
a deserted forum.

Micah Richards
Professional-looking site with news, blog posts and photos.

David Silva
Spanish site that now has an English-language option. Unlike David Silva.

Carlos Tevez
The official site for Tevez's fashion line, Tevez 32. 

                                            My favourite football websites                          

101 Great Goals
The best place to watch match highlights.

Swiss Ramble
A site that goes into staggering detail about football finances.
Articles relating to City can be found here.

The Global Game
Thoughful writing about world football.

When Saturday Comes
Home of the legendary WSC magazine.

Zonal Marking
Detailed tactical analysis of matches from around the world.

Official sites
Premier League
Football League
Sky's City page
BBC City page

Other City sites
Bert Trautmann's Neck
Bitter and Blue
Blue Days
Blue Moon over Manchester
Blue Tinted Specs
Blues reviews
In Esteemed Kompany
Innoculated City
Let's All Do The Poznan
Lyndhurst Citizen
Mad City Fan
Maine Blue
Man City blog
Man City Blues
Man City Fan
Manchester City Mad
Manchester City Match Worn Shirts
The Blue Alliance
The Offside
The Rising Blue
Theatre of Base Comedy
This is Our City
View From a Blue
Vital City

No longer updated
A Dream In My Heart
City Media
Lesson in Pride
MCFC Supporters' Trust
The Lonesome Death of Roy Carroll
Through Your Legs
We've got Robiniho

Overseas Blues
In English
Abu Dhabi Blues
Indian Supporters Group
Lesson in Pride (home of the Sidney Blues)
Mad Hatters (site of New York's Mad Hatter Saloon)
New York City Supporters Club
MCFC Sierra Leone

Foreign Language
MCFC Official site
Chinese City site
Czech fan site
MCFC Czech
Danish fan site
Dutch MCFC
French Fansite
Hellenic Citizens
Icelandic Fansite
Italian Blue Moon
Italian Fan Blog
Korean Fan Blog
Brazilian Fan Blog
Russian Fan Site
Serbian Fan Site
Manchester City Spain
Spanish MCFC Blog
Citizens of Sweden
Thailand Fan Site

Kelkoo (shopping comparison site)
Official shop
That goal
Manchester City Memorabilia
Manchester City Programmes

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